Name Desc Download Info
allergen Relationship between household endotoxin levels and sensitivity to allergens
anemia Survival and GVHD in aplastic anemia patients receiving marrow transplantation
brca1 Breast cancer gene expression data from The Cancer Genome Atlas
britdoc Smoking deaths in British doctors
Byar1980 Clinical trial of estrogen for treatment of prostate cancer
cholostyramine Impact of compliance on cholesterol reduction in cholostyramine trial
cirrhosis Does penicillamine prevent liver failure in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis
cystic-fibrosis Reduction in forced vital capacity for cystic fibrosis patients
diarrhea Randomized controlled trial of whether bismuth salicylate reduces symptoms of diarrhea in infants
flicker Critical flicker frequency for individuals with various eye colors
Freireich1963 Clinical trial of 6-MP in children with acute leukemia
fumarate Cardiac fumarate concentrations for wild-type/knockdown mice exposed/unexposed to adriamycin
glioma Array CGH data of a glioblastoma tumor
Gode2011 Surface sensing in swarming bacteria
Golub1999 Gene expression in leukemia patients
gvhd Time until graft vs. host disease in bone marrow transplant recipients
hedenfalk Gene expression study of BRCA tumors in breast cancer patients
Hoel1972 Time until death for mice exposed to radiation
hypercalcemia Plasma prostaglandin E in patients with and without hypercalcemia
infant-heart Trial comparing two techniques for congenital heart surgery on physical and mental development
infmort Global infant mortality rates by country
inhaler Crossover study of inhaler device instructions
Koussounadis2014 Carbotax study of ovarian tumor growth
lead-iq IQ levels for children who lived near or far (within 1 mile) from a lead smelter
lip-cancer Observed and expected cases of lip cancer in Scotland, 1975-1980
lipids Levels of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and Apolipoprotein B for adult women (NHANES)
lister Joseph Lister’s experiment on sterile surgery
mortality Deaths by age and year for the United States, 1933-2010
Nahman1992 Time to exit-site infection in dialysis patients
nerve Waiting times between pulses along a nerve fiber
nhanes-am Heights and weights of adult men in the 2005-2006 NHANES sample
nhanes-aw Heights and weights of adult women in the 2005-2006 NHANES sample
nhanes-subsamples Mean triglyceride levels in random subsamples of the `lipids` data set
oatbran Crossover study of whether oat bran lowers LDL cholesterol
parkinsons Genetic association study of age-at-onset in patients with Parkinson’s disease
pearson Heights of fathers and sons
Pike1966 Days to vaginal cancer mortality in rats
Podzielinski2012 Mortality and recurrence in medically operable endometrial cancer
pollution Air pollution and mortality in US metropolitan areas
Ramaswamy2001 Multiclass cancer prediction involving 14 tumor types
Rhee2006 HIV Drug Resistance Mutations
Sachs2005 Protein expression levels in immune cells
Samaha2003 Effect of Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets on triglyceride levels
Scheetz2006 Gene expression in the mammalian eye
Scholtens2004 Response of ER+ breast cancer cell lines to estrogen
Scrucca2010 Relapse and death in acute leukemia patients following stem cell transplantation
Shedden2008 Survival analysis of lung cancer patients
sids Sex and age at time of death for infants who died of SIDS (Seattle, 1973-1982)
Singh2002 Case-control study of prostate cancer
spam Classification of e-mail into spam
support Data from SUPPORT study to predict survival in critically ill patients
tailgating Association between drug use and tailgating behavior in young people
tdap Study of Tdap vaccine and premature birth
tips Tips received by a waiter over a several-month period at a restaurant
titanic Survival of passengers on board the Titanic
warming Land-Ocean Temperature Index (1880-2018)
whickham Smoking versus survival among British women, based on 20 years of follow up
whoari World Health Organization study on acute respiratory illnesses
Yeoh2002 Classification of acute lymphoblastic leukemia subtypes