HPC tutorial

A hands-on tutorial for learning how to use the high-performance computing (HPC) resources at the University of Iowa. This tutorial is specifically designed for students and faculty in the Biostatistics department at the University of Iowa and makes references to the all-purpose Biostatistics node, BIOSTAT. However, other individuals at Iowa or even other institutions may also find it helpful so long as they pay attention to where commands would have to be modified for their particular setup.

Research highlights

This page provides a selection of five papers from each faculty member in the department in order to showcase the breadth and focus of our research. These papers may be particularly helpful to students in choosing a dissertation advisor to work with.

Math review

This guide is intended as a review of fundamental math concepts for students who will be starting an MS or PhD program in biostatistics. More specifically, its intended audience is new students at the University of Iowa, but the material is quite general and likely useful to any new student in a biostatistics program.

Data sets

A collection of data sets assembled by faculty members in the Department of Biostatistics. These are intended to be used for teaching or for illustrating methodology on real data.

Thesis template

A GitHub repository providing a template for writing a LaTeX thesis that conforms to University of Iowa formatting guidelines. Just clone the repository, replace chap1.tex with your chapter 1, and so on.

Slides template (Beamer/rmd)

A template for creating Beamer slides that are consistent with the University of Iowa brand manual colors. There is a version for Overleaf (or other LaTeX editor) in main.tex, and there is an R markdown version in ui_beamer.Rmd – both of these create Beamer slides.